Secrets and Shadows

Secrets and Shadows
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Next you want to use Zeb to stack some bonus protection on Hera so she does not die, and if you are using chopper have him taunt because after the AOE the hits do not get much lighter, and his dodge will be nice. One nice thing about this wave though is the very high protection, meaning once you get through that Sid will die very quickly. You can also get significant use out of Kanan here, his offense down on basic does a ton to blunt the attacks from Sid, BUT…. Being a Jedi Sid may dodge this basic attack. Before I had my Phoenix maxed out landing that offense down was often the difference between clearing this wave or losing someone, so it can be a little frustrating and RNG based.

Another easy wave here, just pick away at the enemies and get your recovery in, Phasma and First order Officer are the prime targets. Also apologies here I was fighting a bit of a cold and never realized the mic was picking that up. The most important thing in this wave is to try to end with your cooldowns available, and Hera and a tank with high turn meter. This wave is all about the first turn, you need to get a taunt up and backup plan on the taunter because Nihilus will use his annihilate on the very first turn.

If you can manage to go before him then you wont lose anyone. Once you endure the first attack your focus should be on taking out sith assassin and then trooper this will leave you free to concentrate on Nihilus.

Again like with Sid stagger is a great tool, used properly you can prevent a bunch of turns from happening. Hopefully this guide provides some help to you in clearing this mission. The biggest threats in this event are the opening aoe from Sidious, and the opening annihilate from Nihilus. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Hera Syndulla, Gear Ezra can take a lot of turns in a row meaning the foresight expires faster giving TM to everyone Ezra Strategy He is here for pure damage, and if you really need to bring in chopper for the extra healing I would actually consider dropping Ezra all things being equal. June's Calendar of Events Announced Gaming-fans. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sep 03, Phia marked it as to-read. Cover is pretty, I like how it's related to the first book! Can't wait to read this. Sep 19, Rachel rated it it was amazing.

After everything that she witnessed, everything that she did that night, she expected them. She just wished they would stop. That she could make peace with everything that happened. She wanted things to return to the way they used to be. Before she met Pietr Rusakova and his family. Before the accident that took her mother from her. Where her only heartache was having a crush on Derek.

And the only excitement in her life came from entering competitions with her horse, Rio. But once she gave her heart away, she knew that going back was not an option. And that she would do whatever she could to help the Rusakovas find their mother before time ran out. Even if it meant putting herself in danger once more. Living under the constant threat to her safety from her association with the Rusakovas, having to keep secrets from her friends, walking on eggshells around Sarah, trying to figure out the real reason for the recent suicides at Junction High, discovering that someone she knows is much more than they appear to be and losing sleep from the nightmares that terrorize her, Jessica Gillmansen is really beginning to miss being just a farm girl from boring old Junction.

But for those readers who have had to wait, the inclusion of a prologue offers just enough of a refresher about the story and events to bring them up to speed. In this sequel, the action intensifies as Jessica Gillmansen tries to come to grips with the part she played in the events that would leave her forever tied to the Rusakovas.

And after learning their secret, she is now more determined than ever to help Pietr and his family. Even as she tries to get closer to Pietr, she can feel him pulling away, leaving her wondering what she did wrong. But Jessie is not one to give up, and loyalty and hope keep her going even as her heart is breaking. So busy that her investigative mind fails to uncover an even bigger threat to her, and one that might be just too late to protect herself from. Author Shannon Delany has really expanded upon the story and characters she introduced in her debut novel.

Jessie has become an independent, strong, determined, loyal and good-hearted main character who is much more likable and sympathetic in this sequel. There are a few new developments for some of the secondary characters and a few surprise revelations that will keep readers frantically turning those pages.

Once again there is a dramatic conclusion to the story, leaving readers on the edge of a pretty steep cliff. Secrets and Shadows is an immensely entertaining read in a series that continues to surprise and will draw readers in with its easy style, likable characters, romantic tension and cliffhanger ending. This second book in the series brings even more action and mystery to the page and is sure to keep readers engaged.

On a personal note: I so completely loved this sequel. Seriously, what is wrong with me? I loved this way more than the first book in the series. I totally adored 13 to Life, but this just was so much better. As with book one, the writing made it so easy to keep that connection with the characters and the story, but this book had a much better flow. And aside from one question I had about the repercussions of something that happened to the main character, nothing pulled me out of the story once I made that connection. Everything I had an issue with or found confusing in the first book was not present in this book at all.

I actually loved Jessie in Secrets and Shadows. Where she frustrated me and I thought her too much of a martyr in book one, here she was strong and determined and protective in all the right amounts. And throughout this story I really cared about what happened to her. The love story was deliciously torturous, maddeningly so at times, but in all the best possible ways.

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And even though there was still a little bit of a love triangle, it changed significantly and was definitely not the focus. And it became even more interesting with a surprise element that definitely mixed things up. Pietr was as yummy and frustrating as ever. Max was adorable, flirtatious and so totally alpha male. And Cat was a great friend and keeper of the peace. A few of the characters had less of a role, but were not forgotten entirely and were still kept a part of this story. I am really excited about an interesting twist in the story and what it means for one or more of the characters in this series.

I would say more but it would be a total spoiler. But, it really makes me want to re-read 13 to Life to see if there were any hints. Secrets and Shadows was no filler novel or sophomore slump. Not only is there a new development with one of the characters, but the author broadened the world just in time for book three, completely blowing the door wide open for all sorts of possibilities.

And with the cliffhanger ending in this book, there is no way I could not continue on with this series. Nov 12, Katrina Passick Lumsden rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Pietr started off pretty good in the first book I should have known it wouldn't last. These books are puzzling to me. I liked 13 to Life , despite its many problems particularly the problem of Jessie throwing Pietr at Sarah to make Sarah happy I mean, get real.

Regardless, I was able to overcome and enjoy. It was a sweet story, I for the most part liked tomboy Jessie, and Pietr's unabashed honesty and puppy-like loyalty was adorable.

Secrets and Shadows , the second installment in the 13 to Life series, really should be used as a teaching aid to show young authors what not to do with their characters. Gone is Jessie's reason and logic, her willpower, and any semblance of common sense.

In a sense, gone is the Jessie I knew and kinda liked from the first book. In her place is some jealous, whiny, self-absorbed, clingy, insecure little fangirl who kinda made my skin crawl. Pietr is no longer the adorably loyal, puppy-dog-eyed antihero, instead shooting for egomaniacal, self-absorbed, mind-game-playing heartless bastard. It was like Ms. Delany was sitting at her desk wondering what she could possibly do to prevent Pietr and Jessie's relationship from progressing and decided on the most tired and cliched formula on the planet: In what universe is that romantic?

Anyone who read 13 to Life probably remembers how Pietr wanted to share his secret with Jessie. How he fought his brother Alexi tooth-and-nail in order to be granted permission to show Jessie what he and his siblings are. It was admirable of him, I thought, to want to trust Jessie because he cared about her. He thought she needed and deserved to know. He knew she wouldn't tell anyone and he trusted she could handle it.

In Secrets and Shadows , however, that apparently all changed. See, Pietr wants to protect Jessie from all the bad stuff he just fucking introduced her to , so he chooses to be a douche and ignore her. On top of all of that, he apparently doesn't think she needs information about what's going on around her, even though not knowing is clearly putting her in danger! When Derek, the guy Jessie is kinda sorta dating, turns out to be a homicidal psychic vampire an homage to L. Smith's Dark Visions series, perhaps?

Derek has her all doped up on his mind juice and she's completely out of it, and Max rescues her, and when she comes-to her memories are gone because Derek erased them Does he tell her that Derek is a psychic vampire? And neither does anyone else Any time Jessie asked a question, she was met with, "Don't worry about it", or "You don't need to know". They trusted her with the secret that they're werewolves and she handled it extremely well The best bit of dialogue in the entire book came from Derek, the psycho energy vampire: What do you think secrets do? Delany's point with this book was to underscore the fact that people shouldn't keep secrets because they do, in fact, cause way more harm than good.

The problem was not with the message but with the way she presented it. I don't like reading about a bunch of morons who can't even fathom the simplest of concepts. Person A is dangerous to person B, person B doesn't know it. Person B should probably be informed and kept in the loop so they don't end up dead. It's not rocket science. I wanted to like this book, I really did. I even tried, against my better judgment, to like it. But really seeing all the issues with it, I just can't give it a pass. It's not as bad as Bargains and Betrayals. Feb 26, Carmel Rabid Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: Original Review Posted by Rabid Reads at: The first book set the foundation for this series so a lot of world-building was to be expected but Secrets and Shadows should have been all about the action but instead, it's just more of Original Review Posted by Rabid Reads at: The first book set the foundation for this series so a lot of world-building was to be expected but Secrets and Shadows should have been all about the action but instead, it's just more of the same.

There are a few new developments from the werewolf point-of-view but overall I got the impression that not much really happened this time around. Pietr and Jessie are still butting heads, the CIA are as sneaky as ever and the Rusakovas' are in need of a cure now more than ever. After having spent the bulk of the previous book feeling frustrated towards Jessie over the Pietr situation I had hoped for a quick resolution in book two. Unfortunately, the teenage lover spat continues for the greater part of the story.

I still enjoyed the Romeo and Juliet aspect of their romance and the way that they both adamantly deny the similarities that exist between the tragic Shakespearean love story and their own. It was also interesting to see that no matter how much Pietr tries to stay away from Jessie "for her own good" he's still always there in the nick-of-time when it counts. Not only that, but the whole Rusakovas clan also looks out for her.

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See 1 question about Secrets and Shadows…. But Jessie is not one to give up, and loyalty and hope keep her going even as her heart is breaking. The author of this book provided free copies of the book and paid a small fee to have their book reviewed by a professional reviewer. Yeah, probably not a good idea seeing as how they keep trying to kill you. As Jess finds her friends and they all make choices the story is not lost. Not because it was bad but because that's just not how I wanted it to go. So far so good, yes?..

A pack of werewolves is a good ally to have on your side! Jessie's "best friend" Sarah finally blows her lid and reverts back to her old ways. Which was a welcomed development in my opinion.


Gillmansen's goodie two-shoes mannerisms go a long way but even she is powerless when this ex-mean girl reclaims her status. I liked the way that Delany incorporates life lessons into her writing. Amy and Marvin's abusive relationship is a great example of this. The storyline shows a positive and healthy solution to a common problem facing many women both young and old.

The puzzle that is the Rusakovas is slowly solved piece by piece in this installment. Their past and future is shrouded is mystery but every new morsel that's revealed is oh so juicy. I loved the family reunion and Jessie's introduction to their mother. It's curious how seemingly random characters like Sophia and the old lady seem to know more about the whole werewolf thing than they themselves do.

This book doesn't give away all of the secrets though. There are still plenty more to come! Maybe Bargains and Betrayals will tell all? I really enjoyed the werewolf storyline this time around; it played a greater role than in 13 to Life. On the other hand, the high school drama facet was a little irritating. I realize that this is a Young Adult book but sometimes the teen angst part of a story just rubs me the wrong way. I found that the characters hadn't matured nor did they learn from their mistakes. That being said, this book is still an enjoyable read overflowing with important life lessons.

Secrets and Shadows is a tale of tragic romance gone furry. Apr 14, Bex rated it really liked it Shelves: Secrets and Shadows is nothing I expected it to be as it is full of twists and turns and nothing is what it seems. Let me just say, there is a lot of that happening in Secrets and Shadows that kept me emotionally invested in the story until the very end. The characters really g Secrets and Shadows is nothing I expected it to be as it is full of twists and turns and nothing is what it seems.

Sarah was my least favourite in 13 To Life, and her true colours show here. Shannon not only throws in twist after twist throughout the story, but she throws in a lot of emotional kinks. Oct 02, Cristy rated it liked it Shelves: Jess is trying to deal with all that she has recently learned about the Russian boy she loves and his family. Adjusting to the knowledge that they are werewolves is not the only drama of her newly oh so complicates love life.. She has to come to terms with the fact she has killed a man, albeit in self-defense, but sill traumatic on the psyche none the less.

There's also the issue of the CIA and the Russian Mafia dangerously lurking around and oh yeah, the crazy amnesiac ex-mean girl turned friend, who accidently killed Jess's mom is dating her man, Pietr. Things are not dull in Jess's town Junction. A lot happens in this second book and yet the story doesn't really move forward all that much. Some good action stuff goes down there and we get some interesting info on the wolf history and future. There are a few good twist as new "monsters" are introduced, some of the human variety and some less so, definitely providing the reader with heart pounding white knuckle moments.

So far so good, yes?.. Now here's the dig.. Aside from the slow plot progression, I was really bugged by the whole situation that revolved around Sarah, Pietr's "girlfriend" and ex-mean girl. I had a hard time swallowing that part of the story line in the first book and was pretty bummed that Delany decided to continue with it. I just found the whole situation bizarre, irritating and completely unbelievable.

Although there is a lot more Rusakova wolf action which is great , and there is a bunch of relationship stuff in this installment; as new ones are formed, some old ones grow stronger, and some completely crumble I guess by the end of the pages I would have liked to be deeper into Jess and the Rusakova's story. The amazing story of the Rusakova's and Jessie continue with the sequel to 13 to Life. If we thought there were complications and trouble in the first book we haven't seen anything yet. The high school drama, CIA drama and friendship drama continue. Pietr starts to push Jessie away and closer to Sarah and Jessie cannot figure out why.

She know's Pietr's secret and has sworn to protect the family secret but it doesn't seem to be enough because Pietr has cut himself off from Jessie completely. As The amazing story of the Rusakova's and Jessie continue with the sequel to 13 to Life. As Jessie comes to grips with Pietrs sudden actions towards her she pushes herself towards Derek, the high school golden boy. Jessie has always had a crush on Derek but when Pietr entered her life, Derek didn't have the same appeal that he used to. As Jessie and Derek get closer, Pietr gets more aggressive and Jessie doesn't understand why.

He cut her off why would he care? But Derek has a secret of his own and he is more connected to the Rusakova's then even they realize. Shannon is the master of twisting the plot and keeping her readers on their toes. I never know what to expect and I love every minute of it. I love the struggles that Pietr and his family have to go through as they try to come to grips with their destiny and who they are. The relationship between Jessie and Pietr is an amazing one.

More Romeo and Juliet then they realize. They are meant to be together more than they know and no matter how hard Pietr tries to protect Jessie by staying away it doesn't keep her out of danger. It takes him a while to figure this out. But no matter how hard either of them try they can't stay away from one another. I loved this book as much as I loved the first one. I cannot wait for the 3rd book. I need more of the Rusakova boys and Jessie! Jul 23, Seduced By Books rated it really liked it.


What can I say - - other than young adult needs a new breakout genre - - this book had me on the edge of my seat. Tension mounts as Delany does it again! I want happiness for Jess, but I don't want the stories to end. So as soon as you think things are falling into place, Delany hits you in a spiral. Jess is getting walked on, over and stomped Her character grows a bit stronger throughout the book, maybe not stronger pursa, but more with it and able to react quicker.

There were a few spots in the book that I felt a little over done, but overall - since I read it in 1 day - I'd say it's a praiseworthy read! Teen drama with grown up twists, as this bunch tries to free their mother. There's secrets and people hanging in the shadows, hence the name but there is also loyalty. I enjoy when authors take the 'teen' realm and show that not all lives are rosy - there's parent substance abuse, tragedy, physical abuse - that is battled every day.

It gives the story a realistic edge. As Jess finds her friends and they all make choices the story is not lost. Delany snaps that ending into place and leaves you burning for the next. Nov 22, Khalia Hades rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jess thought everything would finally fall into place.

Pietr understood what she wanted from him and what he needed to do with her best friend Sarah. Amy had a love, Sophia was starting to see things, Derek was interested and so much more. Even though Pietr kept pushing himself away from Jessica, she wanted so badly to be with him, and then there was Derek desperate to be with her. Wanting to treat her as the special girl she could be. Everything twists and turns in this amazing and exciting sequ Jess thought everything would finally fall into place. Everything twists and turns in this amazing and exciting sequel to '13 to Life'.

I loved this book, as much as the first. It reminded me of why I loved the first one so much. Jess and Pietr are amazing, and Delany delves even deeper into the other characters in this novel. You get to know more about Max, Catherine, and Alexei. You learn so much about the family and realize their dreams, secrets, and their hates.

All they want is to save their mother, and all Jessie wants is to help them.. But everyone is standing in their way, every time they turn around something has changed, some other twist is in the way. Delany does an excellent job at keeping you guessing and yearning for more. I was constantly trying to find a moment to read, even if it was just a page. Jan 13, Michelle rated it it was ok. You know, the first book kind of pissed me off with the whole Pietr and Sarah thing.

But this one made me furious. How desperate is this little twerp who dares to call herself a "heroine. Obviously he doesn't remember how amazing she is and how he can't resist her and all. And It Fragging Works! Gag me with a spoon and toss me something to wash down the nasty taste in the back of my mouth. Nasty You know, the first book kind of pissed me off with the whole Pietr and Sarah thing. Nasty I tell you! And the whole "imprinting" thing. Could you be any more blatantly obvious about how you're ripping off Twilight? The whole "you should stay away from me, even though I am stalkerific possessive and can't stand seeing you with other men.

Want to watch me stick my tongue down your best friends throat? Don't worry, she means nothing to me because she doesn't make me BURN like you do. But I honestly have had enough of the martyr heroine and the angsty hero. Not bothering with the rest of the series. I was in the middle of a book funk when I read this, so I don't mean to offend anyone with my take on this sequel. I was bummed with it. I was hoping for more action and a lot less drama. I can't stand the sort of forced love triangle between Pieter, Jess and Sarah. You love the guy but you push him on your psychotic friend?

And then get pissed when he starts falling for her? It's sick and not in a good way. I was also a little bit confused on where we were going on this ride I was in the middle of a book funk when I read this, so I don't mean to offend anyone with my take on this sequel.

I was also a little bit confused on where we were going on this ride. Still trying to break out mom and find a cure right? We can't cure ourselves now since we need all our supernatural powers to rescue her. And working with the CIA?

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Yeah, probably not a good idea seeing as how they keep trying to kill you. Ehh, so you see my problem right? I want to love it, I liked the first one, but I was just not in a good place and the characters annoyed me. I say give it a try if you even remotely liked the first.

Feb 17, Drea rated it it was amazing. Okay so I just finished reading this book like 10 minutes ago. Let me tell you I absolutely positively love this book. Ugh pietr is so irritating but i can't help but love him. Secrets and Shadows takes us deeper into Jessie and Pietr's worlds. Jessie is a believable main character, and I can relate with her reactions, emotions and decisions. Pietr is still desirable but ever so frustrating.

I can understand where he is coming from when more of his reasoning and story comes out, but still!!!! Max and Cat play more in this story and I like them as much as Jessie. I am already itching to get my hands on the next book. Mar 13, Beleth rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 28, Marie rated it did not like it Shelves: I actually enjoyed the first one, but this is just I might post a rant later, but I don't have the energy right now.

In my opinion, I would not waste your time on this series. Kissing, references to sex, mention of a period. The main character unbuttons her shirt to distract a werewolf that's trying to kill someone, some swearing, no f words, and quite a bit of violence.